Why Raw Feed?

More flexible diet 

You can change and vary the diet and specifically tailor the food to your dogs dietary needs and in many instances rid them of ailments such as bad wind, itchy skin, exema, hair loss, bald and or hot spots, persistent diarrhoea, bad breath to name but a few.

Improved appetite 

Natural (Raw) fed dogs tend to eat all the food in the bowl rather than graze as is the case with many processed petfoods, Natural fed dogs have been known to beg less for titbits and snacks between meals.

Improved dental and gum hygiene

Our course minces in conjunction with our range of dried treats and meaty bones also help lessen the build up of plaque on teeth and gums and because our products contain no sugars and starch both of which are commonly found in processed petfoods there is less likelihood of tooth decay.

Weight control - helps fight obesity 

Our natural (RAW) diet range, contains no added sugars, chemicals, additives, flavour enhancers, preservatives, or added starch helping to ensure that your dog will be lean and at the correct weight.

Visible improvements.

A significant number of owners have reported noticeable improvements in coat condition, behaviour, less doggy waste to clear up, and a general improvement in their dogs well being. 


Healthy food = Healthy & Happy dog.

Why Raw Petfood?

Each of us genuinely wants the best for our much loved pets to see them running around happy with shiney coats, healthy teeth and gums, none of the allergy or digestive problems which can be related to highly processed petfood and can cause them great discomfort and expensive vet bills for you. 

Processed petfood is likened to feeding fast food every day to your pet and we all know what that can lead to !

Just because its convenient for us doesn't make it right for them or their health. Just Natural is 100% as nature intended there are no additives, preservatives, bulking agents, E numbers and chemicals typically found in processed petfoods.

Don't just take our word for it ask any of the hundreds of thousands of pet owners and breeders who feed the natural way or the thousands of people who are switching every day and can see the benefits for themselves.


Raw natural feeding simply says, I LOVE YOU.

Kris Mcdowall - New customer

I have 3 dogs and each of them have benefitted massively since we first spoke to Maureen at just natural Pet Foods. The quality and variety of raw meats is fantastic, my dogs also love all the treats there are to offer from meaty chunks to chicken feet not forgetting the hooves, they love them they keep them going in between meals for about a week. My dog dolly has a very bad skin condition and a compromised immune system within 4 weeks Dolly's skin is looking great and her hair is almost completely back and she is off her medication. Chico, who is 14, and wasn't eating well is now eating double and his coat looks as good as it ever has . You can definitely see a difference. Stella is a wee pup and she is also thriving and her health is through the roof. Even our vet says the diet has worked miracles, particularly with Dolly. I cannot thank Maureen and the team at just natural Pet Foods enough and would not hesitate to recommend them. This is definitely the way forward in pet food the benefits are incredible.